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Accueil » Technology » Image » TV » Seiki Digital SE50UY04 HDTV - Review

Seiki Digital SE50UY04 HDTV - Review

Créée par ReviewChannel089 le 09/05/2013
Partagée par Alvaro le 27/06/2013
Catégorie: Technology » Image » TV
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Seiki Digital SE50UY04 HDTV - good: The Seiki SE50UY04 is inexpensive for a TV with 4K/Ultra-High Definition resolution. Looks good from up close with 4K-compatible PC games; decent color accuracy; three HDMI inputs; simple styling and feature set.The bad: Must sit close to the 50-inch screen to realize the benefit of 4K content; very little 4K content currently available; picture quality with non-4K content is worse than that of most other TVs in this price range, with light black levels, poor screen uniformity, and subpar video processing.The bottom line: Seiki's SE50UY04 can't compete with most standard HDTVs at this price in terms of picture quality, but at least it breaks new pricing ground for 4K resolutionFor more information visit: Digital SE50UY04 HDTVSeiki Digital SE50UY04 Review


Commentaire 1. par Alvaro le 27/06/2013 à 12:19

Good review explaining the advantages and disadvantages of this great TV. This television is one of the cheapest solutions if you want 4K resolution.

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